Non-Partisan Voter Registration Drive Hits Texas

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Our democracy is nothing without active participation from its citizens.

That’s why our friends at the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund are dropping 1 million voter registration applications to unregistered voters in 21 states, including more than 68,000 in Texas.  Many times people move within a state or into a new state unaware of the need or process for registering to vote.

The LCVEF effort is a part of a larger, nationwide initiative undertaken by the Voter Participation Center and its non-profit, non-partisan partners.   It’s a comprehensive, thoughtful initiative that works to ensure all applicable state voter registration and election laws are followed.

We also know that efforts like this voter registration drive really work.

Non-partisan voter registration drives like the one LCVEF is undertaking are highly effective.  Analysis by the Voter Participation Center shows that in 2008, 93.9 percent of the people contacted made it to their state’s voter registration rolls and, in turn, 77 percent voted.  In 2010, 93.9 percent of the applicants who responded made it onto their own state’s voter rolls. ‘

To learn more about the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and its civic engagement efforts, visit

To register to vote in Texas and learn about early voting, polling places, what’s on the ballot and election deadlines, visit

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