Dirty coal trying to take our water

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The Texas League of Conservation Voters is monitoring the fight against the White Stallion Energy Center – a proposed new dirty coal plant which would be located 80 miles southwest of Houston.

The White Stallion coal plant is petitioning the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) for an 8 billion gallon a year water contract.

If approved, the LCRA contract would put the coal plant at the head of the line for water from the Colorado River, in front of farmers, small businesses, environmental flows and the Highland Lakes.

Under severe drought conditions – just like Texas is experiencing now – the White Stallion coal plant would get priority access to water, potentially harming lives and livelihoods for the rest of us. Upstream or downstream, this deal is bad news for those Texans living along the Colorado River, and the deal, if approved, would set a dangerous precedent for other Texas waterways.

We don’t need dirty coal taking one of our most precious natural resources when Texas can meet its energy needs through an increased commitment to energy efficiency and renewables.

Thankfully, the LCRA Board of Directors postponed action on the contract at their June meeting and won’t consider the contract again until August 2011.  We’ll continue to update you on the proposed contract and the White Stallion facility.

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