New report shows that Texas can add tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs

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A new report from the Mitchell Foundation by Billy Hamilton Consulting contains a lot of good news for new clean energy jobs for Texas.  Specifically on the issue of jobs, the report states that:

If Texas chooses to support the clean energy sector with stronger state policies, the High Range scenario demonstrates that the economic benefits would be spectacular. If the 2011 Texas Legislature decides to raise the state’s RPS to 13,000 MW of clean power and sets aside 3,500 MW for solar photovoltaic energy, as the High Range scenario assumes, the state’s economic gains would be exponentially greater than the Baseline scenario. Job gains would jump to 22,900 per year, Texas GSP would increase by $2.7 billion per year, and state and local tax revenues would increase by $279 million per year, or more than half a billion dollars per biennium.

This is truly good news for building the green energy economy in Texas, and moving beyond old polluting energy sources like coal.

The full report can be found here.

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